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person holding green leafed plant
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With extensive experience in environmental projects, EIG stands as one of Europe's foremost leaders in this field, equipped to address the environmental challenges of the future. Our comprehensive expertise enables us to assist clients in finding solutions that are not only environmentally sound but also resource-efficient. Our diverse range of services encompasses solutions within recycling factories, wastewater treatment, solid waste management, and site remediation. Additionally, EIG conducts various environmental studies and impact assessments to ensure that projects are carried out with the utmost consideration for environmental preservation and sustainability. With our commitment to excellence and innovation, we strive to make a positive impact on the environment and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

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At EIG, we excel in coastal engineering, a discipline focused on protecting and adapting coastlines against natural forces. Our expertise extends to mitigating wind erosion, sub-surface hydrology-driven erosion, and mechanical wave erosion, essential for harmonizing human habitation with nature's forces.

Employing state-of-the-art modelling software and methodologies, EIG engineers adeptly manage these challenges. We integrate hydrology into various water resource management assignments, including hydropower and dam design, ocean outlets, sub-structures for bridge design, and port infrastructure. By leveraging advanced technologies and interdisciplinary approaches, we strive to create sustainable solutions that balance human needs with environmental preservation.

EIG boasts substantial expertise in assisting with various operating systems, including the development of quality, environmental, and health and safety management systems based on industry standards and legislation. We prioritize tailoring management systems to the client's specific activities and requirements, ensuring alignment with their goals and objectives. Our comprehensive approach aims to mitigate risks, enhance operational efficiency, and promote environmental stewardship across all endeavours.


In the Nordics, characterized by high-quality hard rock earth surfaces, the advantageous geological conditions have led to the development of various underground operations and activities. EIG's Hydro-Geotechnical experts have gained unique experiences in this region, particularly in underground applications such as hydrocarbon storage, nuclear waste storage, emergency centers, and even unconventional uses like book or wine storage. Leveraging these experiences, EIG is well-equipped to provide innovative solutions and expert guidance in hydrogeology and geotechnical engineering projects.



EIG employs environmental consultants specialized in investigating contaminated land and soil, recommending solutions that prioritize environmental sustainability and resource conservation. Each year, EIG conducts inventories and technical examinations of contaminated soil and water, performing risk assessments and proposing remedial action plans. We oversee the remediation process and prepare Environmental Impact Assessments for permits, offering support in project management and procurement.

Given the complexity of projects involving contaminated soil and water, EIG leverages a multidisciplinary approach, drawing on the expertise of specialists with holistic views when addressing problems. Our access to drilling equipment enables us to take samples and conduct surveys, while our array of field analysis instruments allows for swift implementation of preliminary surveys and rapid response during inspection work. With a commitment to environmental stewardship and comprehensive solutions, EIG strives to mitigate the impacts of contamination and safeguard natural ecosystems for future generations.




For many, waste is synonymous with unwanted, problematic, costly, and even a failure. However, at EIG, waste management represents an exciting opportunity to contribute to the sustainable development of society and a better environment. As waste management consultants, our mission is to find innovative methods to transform as much waste as possible into new raw materials. We also address waste that cannot or should not be recycled, ensuring environmentally friendly disposal while planning for waste reduction. With our extensive and cutting-edge expertise, including town planners, environmental, chemical, structural, and mechanical engineers, biologists, and civil engineers, EIG is equipped to solve a wide range of waste-related challenges. Our clients span municipalities, regional waste management companies, manufacturing industries, waste management associations, and international financial institutions, reflecting our commitment to addressing waste management needs at local, regional, and global levels.


EIG recognizes that well-planned implementation is vital for the proper functioning of facilities in the long term. Our expertise spans water and wastewater systems, historical watercourse development, latest technologies, and climate change implications. We develop sustainable solutions for water extraction, conveyance, and transportation, while also identifying risks and implementing remedial measures to protect watercourses and systems. Our services include environmental investigations, analysis, and planning for various water systems, facilitating the formulation of new strategies for building or expanding infrastructure.



Access to clean drinking water and effective wastewater management are essential for societal well-being and prosperity. At EIG, we specialize in developing environmentally friendly and efficient solutions for water and wastewater treatment, as well as organic waste and sludge management. Our core areas of expertise include studies, design, and supervision for various types of treatment plants, including water treatment, wastewater treatment, biogas plants, and industrial water purification plants.

At EIG, we are committed to providing comprehensive and integrated solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients and contribute to the development of sustainable water and wastewater management practices. Through our collaborative approach and focus on innovation, we strive to create a better future where access to clean water is a fundamental right for all.



Water is indeed a vital resource and a force of nature that requires careful preservation and sustainable utilization. At EIG, we are committed to ensuring the sensible and sustainable management of water resources. Annually, we undertake numerous surveys and studies aimed at protecting both surface and groundwater. This involves identifying and assessing risks, proposing remedial measures to enhance protection, and conducting Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) to understand the impacts on water conditions.

Furthermore, we develop robust water catchment plans and sustainable water supply strategies to safeguard water resources for future generations. Our specialists focus on analyzing and mitigating society's discharge of contaminated water, aiming to maintain a good water quality status. To better understand water behavior in various scenarios, we employ computer simulations and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), allowing us to make informed decisions and optimize remedial measures effectively.



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