person sitting while using laptop computer and green stethoscope near
person sitting while using laptop computer and green stethoscope near
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two men wearing blue lab coats
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person holding round clear container

EIG specializes in the realization of hospital turnkey projects, providing comprehensive services across the entire spectrum of healthcare facility supply. Our offerings include feasibility studies, procurement, wastewater systems, logistics, installation, training, and after-sales service. With our extensive experience and global presence, we have the expertise to identify and implement the best solutions for healthcare facilities of all sizes, from small clinics to large medical complexes. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each project is delivered with precision and meets the unique needs of our clients worldwide.

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EIG aims to be a trusted partner for hospitals, healthcare facilities, and institutions by offering comprehensive services including:

1. Planning equipment, furniture, and disposable items demand: We assist in assessing and planning the required medical equipment, furniture, and disposable items based on the specific needs and requirements of the healthcare facility.

2. Budget comparison: We compare the planned demand with the expected budget to ensure alignment and feasibility, helping our clients make informed decisions while optimizing resource allocation.

3. Supplying the full range of medical equipment and hospital furniture: EIG provides a complete range of medical equipment and hospital furniture, sourced from reputable suppliers, ensuring quality, reliability, and compliance with healthcare standards.

By offering these services, EIG strives to support hospitals and healthcare facilities in effectively managing their equipment and furniture needs, ultimately enhancing patient care and operational efficiency.

EIG prides itself on offering state-of-the-art, high-quality products at competitive prices, tailored to meet the specific clinical, environmental, and technical specifications of our customers. Whether for small private clinics or large general hospitals, we ensure that our offerings meet all technology standards demanded by our customers.

Our comprehensive range of products includes medical equipment, furniture, consumables, and disposable items, sourced from reputable suppliers. We guarantee the availability of spare parts for all installed products through our extensive network of suppliers, ensuring uninterrupted operation and maintenance support for our customers worldwide.


EIG specializes in providing tailor-made wastewater treatment plants that are designed, produced, installed, maintained, and operated by our specialized staff. We utilize cutting-edge Membrane Bio-Reactors (MBR) technology, which is currently recognized as the most efficient treatment method for wastewater. Our plants are installed in containers, facilitating quick and easy setup.

Each solution is optimized based on the specific needs of hospitals, taking into account factors such as water analysis results, actual wastewater outflows, and the existing layout of the hospital sewage system. Our team is committed to respecting the environment and ensures that our solutions are environmentally friendly.



EIG ensures a continuous presence of our qualified staff to oversee all aspects of shipping, customs, installation, testing, and integration among various medical systems throughout the entire duration of the project. Our Project Manager coordinates all activities on-site and serves as the main point of contact for our clients, ensuring smooth execution and timely resolution of any issues that may arise. Additionally, our highly specialized staff provide comprehensive training to end-users and local maintenance personnel, ensuring they are proficient in operating and maintaining the installed systems.

By maintaining a dedicated and experienced team throughout the project lifecycle, EIG ensures that our clients receive exceptional service and support, resulting in successful project outcomes and satisfied customers.




EIG's commitment to being a long-term partner for healthcare facilities extends beyond the initial setup of new hospitals. We stand behind our products and services with a one-year warranty on all supplied equipment. Additionally, our resident technical staff ensures ongoing support through preventive and corrective maintenance activities.

Our team manages all equipment globally, providing comprehensive clinical engineering services to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Whether it's troubleshooting issues, conducting routine maintenance, or addressing any concerns, our technical staff is dedicated to ensuring the smooth operation of healthcare facilities.


If you're interested in hearing more about the way we work, or have a business enquiry, please get in touch with us.